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le mie unghie hanno incontrato il nulla

“My Nails Touched Nothingness” (1995/97)
This marks a huge step forward in the search for depth, where horizon and context are “between the real and the unreal”, in the sea and the island of Capri.

img S10025Carmine Fiore’s sad experience of death is reflected in his choice of his home Island as the ideal interlocutor for a reflection on collective human existence. And so Capri, the island of easy living and luxury, becomes the container for real life, testifying rather to a universal humble lifestyle in its naturalness.  We like to consider this photographic study an appeal and a prayer for those who are no longer with us, and a warning: here as elsewhere, life is precious in its simplicity and offers us opportunities for sharing, meditating, pausing for reflection: wherever we are, turning our eyes towards the horizon and our thoughts to our loved ones, we human beings can fulfil our humanity. Humanity is in itself, and for the artist, synonymous with solidarity and equality. Fiore imagines passers-by, and sometimes inanimate subjects, having the same thoughts about themselves as they have about the sky of Capri, feeling part of this community. 

 by Federica Mussoni

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