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Incommunicable by Pamela Cento

fiore47Maybe it is the sunset. Maybe the Sun is already low, there, somewhere. You can glimpse a woman in bikini holding a small hat or maybe a beach racket. Two children are with her. You can hear laughs and words through the blur. Behind them, someone, maybe a woman, still in the sea, with the water coming up to her shoulders: she is the only clear element. Everything is focused on her, she is the point of convergence and arrival, it is essentially on her that we have to draw our attention.

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In your opinion, what makes photography magical, and what does it mean to you?
Photography is a language, just like painting or sculpture; however, it is a language which speaks imperfectly through us. It speaks the language of things and it speaks through things indirectly, mediated by the camera lens and by our thoughts; but at the same time it speaks more quickly.

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by Federica Mussoni | Carmine Fiore is firmly convinced that photography is above all the ability to recall, memorise, reinvent and learn, beginning from concrete realities. “The true source of inspiration – says the artist – can only be reality; but not any particular reality: it is my entire life experience which gives rise – for me and I would imagine for everybody – to thoughts and emotions”.

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